• Keyboard Shortcuts in ARCHICAD
    Keyboard Shortcuts in ARCHICAD
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    ARCHICAD is shipped with several predefined shortcut schemes. These can be listed and most of the shortcuts can be redefined in Options andgt; Work Environment andgt; Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box.

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  • How to Enter Distances in ARCHICAD
    How to Enter Distances in ARCHICAD
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    For entering distances in ARCHICAD the Tracker is used. Entering distances works the same way in 2D and in 3D. The Tracker appears during element input and it follows your mouse movements, constantly providing feedback about the distance and angle or/and the XYZ coordinates calculated from the starting node.

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  • Setting up Grids in ARCHICAD
    Setting up Grids in ARCHICAD
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    In ARCHICAD there are two different kinds of grid systems that help you while modeling and drawing, the Construction Grid and the Snap Grid. Using them is optional, you can work in ARCHICAD without using any grid, but in specific circumstances, they are very useful. 

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  • Guide lines in ARCHICAD
    Guide lines in ARCHICAD
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    Guide Lines are drafting aids, which help you find special points and projections, to ensure precise input in both, 2D and 3D windows.

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  • Snap References in ARCHICAD
    Snap References in ARCHICAD
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    If you want to find for example the midpoint of an existing element or you want to place a new element parallel to another one, use the Snap References.

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  • Magic Wand in ARCHICAD
    Magic Wand in ARCHICAD
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    There is a special function in ARCHICAD called “Magic Wand”. This function saves you work by finding and tracing a linear or polygonal shape from among existing elements and then generating a new element based on it. 

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  • The ARCHICAD Interface
    The ARCHICAD Interface
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    Discover the ARCHICAD interface by understanding its menus, tabs, toolbars, navigator and palettes. Learn how to customize it according to your way of working.

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  • Navigating in 3D in ARCHICAD
    Navigating in 3D in ARCHICAD
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    In this article, you will learn how to navigate in the 3D views (such as perspective and axonometry) of your project.

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  • Navigating in 2D in ARCHICAD
    Navigating in 2D in ARCHICAD
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    In this article, you will learn how to navigate in the 2D views (such as floor plans, sections, elevations and so on) of your project.

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  • Stories in ARCHICAD
    Stories in ARCHICAD
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    Stories in ARCHICAD, just as in real buildings, serve to divide space vertically and replicate the story structure of your real building.

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  • Navigating in The Project in ARCHICAD
    Navigating in The Project in ARCHICAD
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    Learn how to navigate in your ARCHICAD Project by understanding the Structure of the Project, the Pop-Up Navigator and the Navigator,  and Tabs and the Tab Bar.

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  • ARCHICAD Sample Projects
    ARCHICAD Sample Projects
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    ARCHICAD sample projects are the best point to discover a BIM model as well as having a technical overview on ARCHICAD’s modeling and documentation capabilities. In this post we are introducing two sample projects prepared by GRAPHISOFT SE and it is available for everyone to download. Residential, Hillside House, Commercial, S-Office

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