An excellent rollout of graphisoftLEARN BIM Manager Certification Workshop for end-users

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    By: Maklinebarbosa On 05/02/2020

    Thanks for sharing a nice blog with us, I glad to read it. it is to useful for me.

  • BIM Manager Workshop
    By: Teresa Serrao On 07/12/2019

    Would highly recommend the course to anyone who was looking for a quick and thorough immersion into the topic.
    Although it was an intense 5 days, the course was easy to follow.
    Great instructors who managed to explain even the most challenging topics in an easy to understand format.
    The course also included a lot of hands on examples to really allow you to understand how to implement.

  • perfect experience
    By: Peter Orenič On 06/12/2019

    Bim manager week in Barcelona was good experience when i could understand complexity of BIM process trought intensive 5 days.I appreciate simple way of describing by BIM experts.For better understanding there were a lot of examples , roleplaying activities and practical tasks.

  • Amazing workshop
    By: Václav Pavlík On 05/12/2019

    The whole workshop was amazing! From BIM level 2 theory (based on ISO 19650 and PAS 1192), through office management and project setup to template creation and each practical step in a concrete project - everything seamlessly connected. Everything made sense and was very practical thanks to proffesional experience of Pantelis and Szabolcz. This is what you need when you're using (or aspirinf to use) BIM workflows.

  • BIM Manager
    By: Henry marte On 03/12/2019

    Cuál es el costo y los requisitos para tomar este curso de BIM Manager

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