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  • ARCHICAD Sample Projects
    ARCHICAD Sample Projects
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    ARCHICAD sample projects are the best point to discover a BIM model as well as having a technical overview on ARCHICAD’s modeling and documentation capabilities. In this post we are introducing two sample projects prepared by GRAPHISOFT SE and it is available for everyone to download. Residential, Hillside House, Commercial, S-Office

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  • Archicad is free for students, educators, researchers, and schools
    Archicad is free for students, educators, researchers, and schools
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    GRAPHISOFT supports students, educators, researchers and schools with its BIM software solutions by providing free educational Archicad licenses during their educational activities. This support has been given for many years, but from 14 October 2019, the professional trial access to Archicad is separated from the educational site in order to provide specialized customer care for professionals and better educational support for students, educators, and researchers. This new approach is...

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  • Step by Step visual guide to activate Free Twinmotion 2020 License for ARCHICAD users
    Step by Step visual guide to activate Free Twinmotion 2020 License for ARCHICAD users
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    If you are an ARCHICAD costumer with active SSA (maintenance contract), you are eligible to access a Twinmotion 2020 license, free of charge till December 31, 2021. In this article, you will learn how to obtain your Twinmotion 2020 license. Below you can find the main steps:

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  • Keyboard Shortcuts in ARCHICAD
    Keyboard Shortcuts in ARCHICAD
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    ARCHICAD is shipped with several predefined shortcut schemes. These can be listed and most of the shortcuts can be redefined in Options andgt; Work Environment andgt; Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box.

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  • Have you ever heard about OIR, AIR, PIR and EIR?
    Have you ever heard about OIR, AIR, PIR and EIR?
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    If you are working in any field related to BIM management, BIM modeling, or simply information or project coordination, then hopefully you know these terms are related to information management. In recent published ISO document about BIM (ISO 19650), the term “data” is replaced with the term “information” with many significant sub-terms to define tasks, roles, and responsibilities related to different types of information in AEC industry. Being an architect, engineer, project manager, etc....

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  • RFA & RVT Geometry Exchange with Archicad
    RFA & RVT Geometry Exchange with Archicad
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    Archicad and Revit are the most widely used BIM authoring solutions in the world, with many supporters of one tool or another. From now on, the antagonism between supporters will be smoothened through new collaboration possibilities offered by GRAPHISOFT. In this post, we are happy to announce that since mid-October 2020, the new RFA & RVT Geometry Exchange add-on for Archicad is available to download. This add-on enables Archicad users to import RFA (Revit Families) into their Archicad...

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  • How to Enter Distances in ARCHICAD
    How to Enter Distances in ARCHICAD
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    For entering distances in ARCHICAD the Tracker is used. Entering distances works the same way in 2D and in 3D. The Tracker appears during element input and it follows your mouse movements, constantly providing feedback about the distance and angle or/and the XYZ coordinates calculated from the starting node.

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  • Become a Certified ARCHICAD BIM Professional
    Become a Certified ARCHICAD BIM Professional
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    If you want to be a certified BIM professional, you can start your journey with 3 components, a good BIM authoring software, a flexible information exchange solution and a practical training and certification program. GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD is one of the best BIM authoring software to help you work in BIM and mastering advance openBIM (information exchange) techniques, and GRAPHISOFT Learn program will enable you to become a GRAPHISOFT Certified ARCHICAD BIM Professional or even in more advance...

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  • Rotating Elements in ARCHICAD
    Rotating Elements in ARCHICAD
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    The “Rotate” command allows you to rotate elements around a freely selected rotation center. Just as at the “Drag” command, you first must select an element.

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  • Guide lines in ARCHICAD
    Guide lines in ARCHICAD
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    Guide Lines are drafting aids, which help you find special points and projections, to ensure precise input in both, 2D and 3D windows.

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  • Stories in ARCHICAD
    Stories in ARCHICAD
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    Stories in ARCHICAD, just as in real buildings, serve to divide space vertically and replicate the story structure of your real building.

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  • ARCHICAD Template for a Preferred Design Process
    ARCHICAD Template for a Preferred Design Process
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    We all know that BIM has been introduced into construction industry by slogan of save time and money (plus being more efficient and accurate). But the real question is, how shall we explain this slogan in real practice. Let’s look at MacLeamy diagram, the comparison of preferred design process (graph 4) and traditional methods (graph 3) shows that the main challenge and efforts of design process shift to schematic and design development phase by using preferred design process. It means faster...

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