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BIMcloud enables real-time, secure teamwork between architects, regardless of the size of the design project, the location of the offices, or the speed of the Internet connection. Thanks to the connection with BIMx PRO, design issues can be resolved through instant messages and annotated screenshots using tablets and smartphones, directly in the BIM model.

BIMcloud is the perfect complement for ARCHICAD users. Based on a small annual subscription, you will extend to the maximum the capacities of management and collaboration within your BIM workflow.


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BIMcloud 2018 - Important Information for all BIM Server Users

BIM Server has a new name: BIMcloud Basic - Free Teamwork now has a new name: BIMcloud Basic. - BIM Server has been based on BIMcloud technology for many years. - BIMcloud has a free product plan called BIMcloud Basic. - The BIMcloud Basic product plan matches the functions of the former BIM Server. - BIMcloud Basic requires no license, just a free activation.

BIMcloud 2018 - Teamwork in 10 Minutes

This video presents how to download, setup and join GRAPHISOFT BIMcloud in a few minutes.

BIMcloud - Teamwork from BIMx

This video presents the integrated team messaging between two team members of a BIMcloud project. One of them is using ARCHICAD while the other has joined the project from BIMx. This feature greatly facilitates the Building-related communication between the designer team and the people on the construction site.

BIMcloud - BIMcloud Data Safety

This video is recommended for both IT- and Project Managers and presents how to ensure data safety on BIMcloud for projects, libraries and server configurations.

BIMcloud - BIMcloud License Practicalities

This video is recommended for IT managers, it presents how to manage BIMcloud licenses centrally using the Licenses panel of the BIMcloud Manager to get an overview about the currently used, available or missing BIMcloud User Licenses.

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