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ARCHICAD rental is a fixed term ARCHICAD license agreement that allows you to use the latest software version of ARCHICAD for a fixed period of time for a one-off fee. Durations include one month, three months, six months and twelve months. ARCHICAD Rental is the best for the time of project's pick that require more users for a temporary time without adding extra cost to company's overhead for software licenses. ARCHICAD rental license includes technical support and free product upgrades. 

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Specific References

New in ARCHICAD 22 - Parametric Profiles with Custom Geometry - Overview

This video presents an overview of the Parametric Profiles in ARCHICAD 22. With this new function for Profiles, users can create more intelligent Profiles by defining parametricity to edges. This will allow offset or control individual or multiple edges.

New in ARCHICAD 22 - Expression-Defined Property Values - Overview

This video provides an overview of the new capability of using mathematical expressions when defining the values of Element Properties in ARCHICAD 22.

New in ARCHICAD 22 - Performance

ARCHICAD 22 introduces significant performance improvements, such as smooth and responsive navigation and high resolution support on Windows.

New in ARCHICAD 22 - Updated Attribute Manager

This video presents the main workflow improvements of Attribute Manager in ARCHICAD 22. The improved Attribute Manager helps you to manage your attribute sets faster. Exporting, importing, searching and modifying multiple Attributes simultaneously became more sophisticated.

New in ARCHICAD 22 - Curtain Wall

This video introduces the Curtain Wall tool improvements in ARCHICAD 22, such as its usability as a flexible design tool for mid to large size architectural offices, by focusing on the design process and making the tool easy and fun to use.

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