SIMBIM™ solutions represented Graphisoft ArchiCAD and their partner applications in the Smart City Expo World Congress 2014


SIMBIM™ solutions, as a young team of BIM managers in Spain, represented Graphisoft ArchiCAD and their partner applications, such as Solibri, Artlantis, Cigraph, and Cadimage, in the Smart City Expo World Congress, November 18–20, 2014, in Barcelona. During the 3-day expo and congress, SIMBIM™ demonstrated the possibilities of BIM technology as a comprehensive solution for smart cities, as well as the features of Graphisoft ArchiCAD 18, Solibri Model Checker, and Artlantis.

Visitors to the SIMBIM™ stand were not limited to architects and contractors, and interestingly, many other professionals from different disciplines, such as 3D scanning and GPS device manufacturers, environmental consultants, engineers, product designers and manufacturers, and so on, were interested in BIM technology and the possibilities that Graphisoft ArchiCAD 18 could offer to their business. The SIMBIM™ stand promoted BIM solutions in the exhibition area of Smart Catalonia as one of innovative and creative business solutions in Barcelona supported by the Government of Catalonia.

Also SIMBIM™ solutions developed a smart booklet with the title of I’m your BIM Manager, How Can I Help You? delivered as a smart digital card, which included the booklet in 3 languages (English, Spanish, and Catalan), a demo version of all related applications, and also a videos of their features. This digital booklet simulated different scenarios, exploring the challenges of professionals in the AEC industry and advocating for practical BIM solutions and its workflow by way of telling stories. This is the first attempt at such a booklet, and it is open to any recommendations, critiques, and suggestions so that we can prepare the 2nd edition with more contributions and better solutions. 


SIMBIM™ is an innovative and fully BIM integrated architectural and construction consultancy firm based in Barcelona, with regional activities in Northeast Spain. SIMBIMTM, as an official Graphisoft ArchiCenter and distributor, is one of the first suppliers of cutting-edge information technology in the architectural and planning industry in Catalonia and northeast Spain, leading the market towards the smart city agenda. These resources enable SIMBIMTM to deliver an innovative means of dealing with architectural, construction, and planning challenges. SIMBIM’s mission is to empower its clients to not just own the applications but also own the process!


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