Last December 13th 2016, the 3rd technical session of the BIM Seminars took place in the Official College of Architects of Catalonia (COAC) in Barcelona, where ARCHICAD Spain presented all the novelties of the companies linked with the BIM working methodology.

The presentation of the modelling process with ArchiCAD 20 was featured by José Juan Márquez Flores, Technical Director of ArchiCAD Spain, where he showed ArchiCAD's approach to architecture, design and creativity, combined with state-of-the-art technology and innovation. It also had the collaboration of SIMBIM®, greeting the attendees and handing the catalogues for ArchiCAD premium support in Barcelona.


Ciclo Jornadas BIM 

In the session, which focused on architects, technical architects, engineers and all professionals involved in the development and management of AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) projects, the use of ArchiCAD 20 software as Fast and intuitive BIM tool presented. Seeing different real cases of ArchiCAD implementation in projects carried out in different architectural firms, as well as the open-BIM workflows between the different disciplines formed the general activity of this event. In addition, the methodology of collaborative workflow through TeamWork where the team members work in a single model in real time was presented.

Ciclo Jornadas BIM

The main purpose of this presentation was to show how architects can achieve great designs without compromising them practical needs. This approach ensures that design workflows and collaborative tools meet the needs from the first sketch to the entire building’s life cycle. 


About SIMBIM® Solutions

SIMBIM® is one of the first pioneering and innovative BIM consultancy firms in Spain and delivers high quality consulting services that help companies across AEC industry adopt and realize value from BIM technology. SIMBIM® offers a comprehensive set of professional BIM services derived from extensive product knowledge and broad industry expertise. SIMBIM’s support-driven business is empowered by an innovative and smart team of highly skilled BIM consultants to promote a real sense of OPEN-BIM implementation into industry. SIMBIM is also GRAPHISOFT ArchiCenter at northeast Spain, in addition to distribution and/or support center for BIM workflow applications such as ArchiFM, Arktec, BIMcloud, Artlantis, Twinmotion, and Solibri. Starting from 2015, SIMBIM also collaborates with BIM Commission at Ministrio de Fomento and also became the official local partner of Smart City Expo World Congress. SIMBIM’s mission is to empower its clients to not just own the applications but also own the process!!
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