One year BIM and ArchiCAD training program in collaboration with University of Navarra (UNAV) 2015-2016


SIMBIM®Solution started a one-year BIM training and implementation program for students and professors of University of Navarra at Pamplona. The program started on 10th of September 2015 and it will continue till May 2016.


This unique program has 282 hours of BIM and ArchiCAD training, private and public tutorials, and also integrated design and project development sessions with BIM. In addition to students and professors, number of professionals also enrolled to the program, in which the program combines 3 different profiles together as a unique training group of professors, professionals, and students of school of architecture.



This program is one of the unique experiences of BIM integration into design studios of school of architecture in Spain. The program contains of two modules of 40 hours of Live-Webinar training to ease the process and provide high level of accessibility and management for attendance to the program. In addition to live trainings, each student has 6 sessions of private training with a professional BIM consultant and trainer to solve the problems and technical doubts about the program and realization of the projects. Each month there is two sessions of full-day face-to-face critique sessions for students to follow the implementation of BIM into their final project or professional practices. In total each students receive 80 hours of training, 6 sessions of private tutorials, and 7 sessions of desk-critique on their school or professional architectural project.

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