In(3D)ustry EXPO; From Needs to Solutions


On June 21, 22, and 23, SIMBIM® Solutions will present BIM Solutions as the workflow and the process used in Additive and Advanced Manufacturing (such as 3D Printing) in the exhibition, In(3D)ustry From Needs to Solutions. 

SIMBIM® has been selected by Barcelona Activa to be one of only four companies representing the Technological Park of Barcelona, and will have an exhibit demonstrating the possibilities of BIM with the most cutting edge European BIM authoring applications such as GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD, Vintocon ArchiFM, Solibri, etc.

This event take place in the Palau Z.6 of Montjüic Fira Barcelona building, and will connect the key users and companies of AdditiveManufacturing. The event will combine conferences and exhibition areas related to the four main industries that use this technology: Healthcare, Automotive and Aeronautics, Retail and Consumer Goods, and Architecture and Habitat, with key speakers such as architect Mark Burry and Dr. Lucas Kruel.

To learn more about BIM solutions and its relationship with AdditiveManufacturing, visit us in the Municipality Stand! 

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21, 22, and 23 June 2016 from 9:30 to 19:00 


Palau Z.6 of Montjüic Fira Barcelona building, Barcelona, Spain


SIMBIM Solutions is one of the first pioneering and innovative BIM consultancy firms in Spain. In September 2013, SIMBIM as an innovative startup project received a certificate of feasibility from the municipality of Barcelona (Barcelona Activa) by means of an innovative and creative business model, identified target, and core business expertise. In 2014 SIMBIM was selected as part of Smart Catalonia by the Catalonian government, which enabled SIMBIM to represent creative BIM solutions to the AEC industry through the Smart City Expo 2014.
To enable the use of the highest potential tool in the industry, SIMBIM proudly represents and distributes products of GRAPHISOFT (a pioneering BIM software developer company since 1984) in the northeast region of Spain, which is empowered by an innovative and smart team of young BIM consultants to promote a real sense of OPEN-BIM implementation into industry. Starting from 2015, SIMBIM also collaborates with BIM Commission at Ministrio de Fomento via contribution in working groups of the commission. Corresponding to innovative activities of SIMBIM’s R&D department, SIMBIM Solutions became the official local partner of Smart City Expo World Congress, which is currently responsible for organizing the BIMCITY plaza event at the annual World Congress and Expo. Relatively, the R&D department focuses on BIM solutions to address the real needs and necessities of architecture and planning challenges. Currently SIMBIM investigates integration possibilities of City Information Modeling and Urban Interventions throughout BIM solutions, such as development of methodologies for life cycle cost analysis for determining accurate investment values in urban projects.
SIMBIM is always searching for new challenges and focusing on issues that are usually hidden from the surface. SIMBIM’s innovative team concentrates all their efforts to lead BIM’s paradigm in the Spanish AEC industry, to accelerate and facilitate BIM adaptation into public and private sectors to address the nD operations in an efficient AEC industry or our future smart cities.
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